Sportsmanship Info

High School athletics require positive support.

Keys to good sportsmanship are:

A.  Know the rules of the game you are watching.
B.  Recognize a good play regardless of what uniform they wear.
C.  Respect your opponent and its spectators.
D.  Good sports are winners, regardless of the final score.

Player Sportsmanship Goals (Quoted from MHSAA, Sportsmanship: It Is A Team Effort!):

A.  Develop a sense of dignity under all circumstances.

B.  Respect the rules of the game, the officials and their decisions.

C.  Respect opponents as fellow students and acknowledge them for striving to do their best while you seek your best at the same time.

D.  Refrain from engaging in all types of disrespectful behavior, specifically taunting, trash talk and other forms of intimidation.

E.  Look at athletic participation as a beneficial learning experience, whether you win or lose.

F.  Educate other students and fans to understand the rules of the game and the value of sportsmanship.

G.  Win with humility; lose with grace.

H.  Do both with dignity.  Avoid excessive celebrating after play or end of the game.

As a student/athlete or fan you are a spokesperson for our school when you play or attend a competition.  Family and friends, opposing fans, the local community and the media view your actions.

Your display of good sportsmanship will show the most positive things about you and your school and, hopefully, remind us all that in the end, sport is meant to be fun.