School Song and Alma Mater

School Song

“Push on”, Ann Arbor, we’re here to stay,

Backing you all the way, Rah! Rah! Rah!

Purple for valor, white for the true,

Stand by the school that stands by you.

Push on to victory, fight all the way,

Cheer for your school today.  Ann Arbor!

Valor and truth will win any fray,

Push on to victory, Ann Arbor!

Click here to listen to the school fight song:  Push-On1

Alma Mater

Lo, when a king comes forth in glory,

purple are his robes and white:

White is a sign of truth and honor,

purple is the sign of might.

Then hail!  All hail!  To the Purple and the White.

To the grand old colors, that stand for what is right.

Then Cheer!  All Cheer! For the school we love so true.

And though we wander far, Ann Arbor High,

Our heart will turn back to you.