Main Street Field

Year Opened:  1990                

Game:  1990

Official Capacity:  300

Surface:  Field Turf

Sports:  Field Hockey, Soccer, and Lacrosse

History:  The field was built in 1990 to accommodate the transfer of junior high students to the high school.  Previously the area was an apple orchard and part of the Pioneer Prairie use for environmental science study. Currently, the field is used for practice and games, where our Pioneer Field Hockey, Boys and Girls Soccer, and Boys and Women’s Lacrosse compete.







Hollway Field

Year Opened: 1956

First Game:  1956

Official Capacity:  5000

Surface: Field Turf

Sports:  Football, Soccer, Field Hockey, and Lacrosse

History:  The facility was built for football games.  Games were only played in the fall giving the grass time to grow plush for the fall.  As more teams were added (soccer and lacrosse) the grass was unable to grow in the spring.  In 2003, Field Turf replaced the grass.  In the fall of 2011, a new building was added to the north end of the field to include modern team rooms, concession stands, restrooms, athletic storage and ticket booth.









Main Gym

Year Opened:  1956

First Game:  1956

Official Capacity: 1800

Surface:  Wood

History:  The main gym was first built with 12 basketball rims.  There were four small courts and one main court.  The south end of the gym had a folding door, which opened, into the pool.  The bleachers in the south end were used for pool spectators.  In 2008 the main gym folding door was removed and a permanent wall was installed.  This occurred when women’s basketball was moved into the winter season and scheduling could no longer accommodate swim meets and basketball games on the same day. Currently, the Main Gym is used year around for all Pioneer sports teams, physical education classes and school assemblies. 









Auxiliary Gym

Year Opened:  1990

First Game:  1990

Official Capacity:  600

Surface:  Wood

History: The gym was built in 1990 to accommodate the transfer of junior high students to the high school. The Auxiliary Gym is now used for physical education classes and Pioneer sports practices and training.









Westfield/Sleeman Track and Field

Year Opened:  1956

First Game:  1956

Official Capacity:  400

Surface (original):  Cinders

Surface Change:  The surface was change to asphalt and in 2003 changed to a rubberized surface.

History:  The track was dedicated to Bryan Westfield and Don Sleeman in the spring of 2012.  The field hockey team plays games on the interior of the track when not on Hollway Field.









Helen Connolly Softball Field

Year Opened:  1969

First Game: 1969

Official Capacity: 200

Surface:  Grass

Outfield Dimensions:  Left and right field lines 200 feet, center field is 215 feet.

History: The Pioneer softball players and parents built Dugouts in 1996.  The outfield fence was installed in the summer of 2012. The field was completely fenced in 2014-2015 that makes the Helen Connolly Softball Field a premier athletic facility. 







Mortenson Baseball Diamond

Year Opened:  1957

First Game:  1957

Official Capacity: 100

Surface:  Grass

History:  The diamond sits on top of the area where the University of Michigan golf clubhouse used to sit.  The foundation can still be found up the hill outside the left field fence.  The baseball boosters have built two versions of dugouts on the diamond the most recent renovation in 2010.









Tom “Brick” Pullen Tennis Courts

Year Opened:  1957

First Game:  1957

Official Capacity:  No seating

Surface:  Asphalt

History:  There are twelve tennis courts.  The athletic boosters donated two courts in 2004 increasing the capacity to 12.









Hill Pool

Year Opened:  1956

First Game:  1956

Official Capacity:  300

Surface:  Tile and deep water

Dimensions:  50 meter, and 13 foot diving well

History:  The pool had eight lanes when originally built.  When the pool leaked and patches could no longer hold a new pool liner was installed.  The new pool opened in 1995, including new locker rooms, and color digital scoreboard and timing system.